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Free Vector Portal
Free Vector Maps is intended for schools, communities and individuals who seek resizable and editable geographical maps as needed, all maps ready to download on Free Vector Maps are in vector format as " Adobe Illustrator (1) " (.ai), " Encapsulated Post Script (1) " (.eps) or " Portable Document File (1) " (.pdf) compressed in " ZIP " format, so you need a utility software such " Winzip (2) " or " Izharc " to unzip these files.
All vector maps including high resolution map objects reside on their own layers, allowing designers to easily show & hide map elements as needed, our maps have fully-editable layers, graphics and text.
All vector maps files are directly editable in Adobe Illustrator and our editable PDF maps allow for the widest range of compatibility, you can easily import your PDF into PowerPoint, Word or OpenOffice.

Art mapsDecorative Purposes Maps
Try our arts maps to illustrate your documents, These maps also are in vector format and easily resizable.
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Maps are mainly composed with text, lines and fill patterns, and these are best rendered in a vector environment. Maps often contain a large amount of information, and vector format delivers the best clarity for small font sizes, delicate boundary lines, and intricate coastlines.

Resolution independent, vector format maps output at the highest resolution of any printer or output device. You never have to worry about producing a low resolution image.

Another important advantage of vector format is that you can resize maps, larger or smaller, with no loss of quality. No need to worry about poor resolution or aliasing. Once you resize a vector map, you can rasterize it to suit web site, video or broadcast requirements.
Send Your MapsShare Your Maps
You too can participate, if you hold missing maps or more precise maps than those available for download, upload it, we will integrate your files on Free Vector Maps. To send your maps Click Here

Finally, if you didn't find the searched maps, try elsewhere.

(1) " Adobe Illustrator ", " Encapsulated Post Script " and " Portable Document File " are trademarks, property of " Adobe Systems Incorporated ".
(2) " Winzip " is a trademark property of " WinZip Computing S.L.".