Impact of Cygnus-Study on the Global Health Landscape

The realm of global health is ever-changing, adapting to new discoveries, technologies, and studies. One such significant study that has recently garnered attention is the Cygnus-Study. This groundbreaking research has profound implications on our understanding of worldwide health trends. As we unravel its findings and insights, we are compelled to integrate this knowledge into existing health policies and strategies. Consequently, the Cygnus-study has the potential to reshape the global health... See more

Rohingya refugees say they don't feel sad for Myanmar's detained leader

Following the Monday coup in Myanmar, there have been various condemnations about the event. However, a region in the country has shown indifference to the situation, saying they don't care.  Aung Suu Kyi didn't care about our province - community leader   After the aftermath of the coup, Myanmar refugees in Rohingya have condemned the military for its undemocratic practices, but insist they don't feel sad for the ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Talking with media sources at their camo in Kutupa... See more