Rohingya refugees say they don't feel sad for Myanmar's detained leader

Rohingya refugees say they don't feel sad for Myanmar's detained leader

Following the Monday coup in Myanmar, there have been various condemnations about the event. However, a region in the country has shown indifference to the situation, saying they don't care. 

Aung Suu Kyi didn't care about our province - community leader 

 After the aftermath of the coup, Myanmar refugees in Rohingya have condemned the military for its undemocratic practices, but insist they don't feel sad for the ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Talking with media sources at their camo in Kutupalong near Bazar town, the leader Mohammed Yunus said the Myanmar army killed many of their families in the Rakhine town when leader Suu Kyi was in power, and she didn't do anything about their case. 

She didn't even look at their plight. 

According to  the leader

 '' We once used to pray for her to succeed and hope for her wellbeing, but she later changed after 2018''. 

Monday's coup against Aung Suu Kyi leadership has been widely condemned by world leaders. She and other top government officials have been held in an unknown location. The army has also said there would be a state of emergency for a year without break.'' We don't feel any sadness that she has been overthrown '' Stated Arman.

Rohingya province has been neglected for long 

 The coup was triggered by disagreements over the outcome of the 2020 election which the Suu Kyi party won. The province has been fighting for repatriation for some time, with the central government not accepting. 

'' For three years now, discussions on how our province will go will be our true homeland, but there has been a deadlock in meetings, '' Arman told reporters. 

Another leader in the Rohingya province, Sayed Ullah said that 

'' there is no difference between what is happening now and what has been happening, and her government anything for us''' 

'' When there was a genocide by the army, what did they do? ''. 

However, he fears that with the total control of the country by the Military, it means more mystery and their repatriation agenda is on hold.

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