China stops children from taking mobile devices to school

The Chinese authorities have taken a crucial step to stop children from using mobile devices in school. This new policy will limit internet activities for kids in school and encourage them to focus more on their studies. 

China bans mobile devices for school children 

Kids in China have been banned from taking any form of mobile devices to educational institutions according to the ministry of education. Students will not be allowed to bring phones to school without prior authorization from parents or guardians. 

Ministry officials say the intention is to guard kids against issues relating to eyesight and make them concentrate more because internet addiction soars. There have been high cases of children suffering from various types of eye diseases and government moves to prevent it. 

Chinese schools are told to find suitable avenues for how parents can commune with their young ones during school period aside from mobile phones. China's daily report that there has been a Cold War between parents over whether this new law is feasible and acceptable. 

The Chinese government believes these devices affect school children negatively 

Many kids in China use mobile phones to access the internet, according to a study more than 75% of under 17s use all categories of the internet-enabled phone. However, the concern of Chinese officials is the adverse effect these mobile devices have on nations' children. 

China has recently had increased cases of nearsightedness in young children and the gaming sector has been partly blamed for such issues. In 2020, a curfew was placed on 18 yrs and below to restrict them to one and half hours of gaming during weekends.

It is not only the Chinese that are worried about mobile phone usage by kids. In 2018 French lawmakers also voted to stop primary and secondary schools from allowing kids under 14 to use mobile phones in school. This move by these lawmakers have yielded profits and has made kids now perform better than in previous years.

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