Retailers in Scotland lost over 14, 000 jobs before lockdown restrictions

Scotland, like other countries, is battling with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many jobs have been lost since the pandemic started in March last year, affecting the economy and major businesses. 

Scotland has witnessed huge job loss over a year

Scottish retailers have reported over 14, 000 jobs in the industry have been lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also said that more than £4 bn in total revenue has also been lost, which has put many members in a precarious financial situation.

 The trade body, Scottish Retail Consortium has appealed for a better government plan to support retail firms in these trying times. It also states that due to the pandemic and increased restrictions on movement, most people now shop online which makes their case worse.

 The director of SRC David Lonsdale said: 

'' The retail industry in Scotland was already suffering from financial deficits before COVID-19, now with COVID-19 and lockdowns, things have gone downhill''

 '' COVID-19 has hastened retailers' problems, as customers now prefer digital markets and stores to physical outlets which have put our members under undue pressure''. 

Businesses are appealing to the Scottish Parliament for help 

Retail businesses in Scotland have provided about 300,000 employment opportunities to most citizens and the nation's biggest employer two times more than the government. This new manifesto by the SRC comes before the sittings of the Scottish Parliament in April ending.

The report states that more than 14, 000 jobs have gone under with over £4bn turnover loss in the sector. Mr. Lonsdale also said: The Holyrood forthcoming election comes in a time this sector has been hit with negative economic factors. The decision and indecision of the next Scottish government will decide the survival of this industry. 

The trade union suggested that the Scottish officials should do more for this industry to avoid it going under. Mr. Lonsdale also encouraged union members to embrace digital marketing to stay afloat.