What are the bonuses offered by 1xbet?

Digitization has made it possible to change many things in our environment. Thanks to it, it is possible to make money, without having to move. Online gaming sites are renowned for their often easy-to-use platform. And who speaks of an online gaming site, also speaks of bonuses. In this article, we will see the bonuses that are offered by the 1xbet gaming site.

The welcome bonus

From any country, you can use the current 1xbet bonus for sports betting and get 200% on your first deposit on the platform. First, proceed 1xbet download for ease. Several secure payment methods are available for these payments. Among these methods we have the deposit using a Visa credit card, a Perfect Money wallet or a Neteller payment system. The main assumed conditions are: registration on the site, a deposit equal to or greater than the amount indicated at the time of the offer. The bonus must be used within one month. After 30 days, all benefits are lost. Combo bets involving 3 or more selections with odds of 1.40 or more require a deposit of 5 times half of this bonus. The other half of the bonus must be replayed in games in the 1 x games section of the site.

The casino game sign-up bonus

If you prefer slot machines, you can also get 1xbet bonuses at the casino. It is actually a package consisting of a bonus of up to €1500 on your first 4 deposits and 150 free spins that can be used on certain games offered by 1xbet regulations. In addition, different modalities are provided. When registering, first select the 1xbet casino bonus. After registration and the first deposit, the first of a series of 4 bonuses will be credited automatically. After that, you will receive various bonuses on your next 3 deposits. Free spins are also unlocked gradually each time you receive a bonus.

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